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Barton Stacey [ Approach from the north ] Winchester
Gardens On Parade 22 Jun 2014 Gardens
On Parade
22 Jun 2014
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Welcome to the Barton Stacey web site

[ All Saint's Church, Barton Stacey]This site is aimed at people living in, working in, visiting, or just interested in the parish of Barton Stacey, Winchester, Hampshire.

Please delve into the news, events, activities, history, services, and businesses for our community.  Additional information and questions are always welcome through the feedback page.

Open for everyone

The site is a community resource for the whole of Barton Stacey, supported in part with funding provided by the parish council.

Everybody - individuals, groups, businesses - in Barton Stacey civil parish - which includes Newton Stacey, Bransbury, Cocum, and Drayton - is welcome to contribute material and to participate in the site.

To find out more about how this works, read how the site is looking for help .


We aim to update the site at least monthly, although sometimes this may not be possible.  We make all reasonable efforts to provide good quality information, but can't guarantee its accuracy and currency, nor can we accept responsibility for any difficulties that may arise from its use.

Please let us know if you find something that needs to be changed.

The site is managed by:

Andy Glenister
Barton Stacey
SO21 3RH

Telephone: +44 (0)1962 761 444
Email: webmaster@bartonstacey.com


First World War Centenary

Village Deisgn Statement



Footpath ageement by parish council and local landowner
 News: 28 May 2014 - Footpath ageement by parish council and local landowner 28 May Footpath from West Road to the School Footpath opens after ageement by parish council and local landowner

Other news - Select for full list

- 10 May Barton Stacey is sparkling!
- 28 May Footpath ageement by parish council and local landowner

Andover Advertiser


WW1 World War I in Barton Stacey - its soldiers and their families
Event: 13 Jun 2014 -  WW1 World War I in Barton Stacey - its soldiers and their families 13 Jun History and Chamber group combined event. In the parish church. Free!

Gardens on parade
Event: 22 Jun 2014 -  Gardens on parade 22 Jun Barton Stacey Garden Walk. Enjoy a pleasant stroll around ten amazingly different gardens

Other events - Select for full list

- 14 Jun Picnic on the Green
- 14 Jun Procession from church to the Green
- 14 Jun Act of Commemoration, rededication of WWI memorial in parish church


- Cygnets playgroup - For children 2y9m to 5y
- Football - Adult + youth teams
- Tuesday Club - For active 60+
- Players - Drama group
- VIPs - Drama group
- Jubilee Jazz Band - Trad Dixie


BBC Countryside In-depth

Who gave the name to Roberts Road?
Feature: Who gave the name to Roberts Road? Roberts Road in Barton Stacey was named after an illustrious British military leader

Barton Stacey statistics
Feature: Barton Stacey statistics Fascinating facts from the census on people, houses, and work

Derelict village in the 1920s
Feature: Derelict village in the 1920s Cottages stood empty and Barton Stacey was "a haunt of desolation"

Conservation area outline
Feature: Conservation area outline The village centre's characterful buildings tell a story

The Great Fire of 1792
Feature: The Great Fire of 1792 The Great Fire which engulfed Barton Stacey village in 1792

Parish Council matters

Council home page
- Council minutes
- Parish plan home page


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